Tacos Near By

Along the highway on this side of the neighborhood there are several tacos stands. Some are open in the mornings and others prefer to open at night. Vallarta has a lot of night life so you can find some of these shops open ’til 2-3am. I would recommend you eat where there are more people gathering. Some of these shops go are newer owners and they mike not give you the best offering and service. The shops that have been there the longest have a higher client base and are probably the best options available.

You can find tacos, carnitas, churros, burgers, hotdogs, crepas and more.

Paseo de las Palmas and Highway 200.

A little further away you will find more shops and several of these are open during the day closing around 4pm or so.

This is a prefer stop for locals to find a good meal. Several different options available. Located in a high transited street Paseo de Las Palmas and highway 200 will find shops to get tacos, tortas, burritos, fish tacos, shrimp tacos (our favorite place “Rosas”), fruits and more. This street gets pack on Saturday due the Tianguis taking place.