Internet Setup & Speeds

We know how important is to have a stable and fast internet connection in todays life. its part of our life style and a must for remote working. We had hosts several internet nomads / remote tele working guests for years however due the increasing demand we have now accommodated our small complex with dual internet lines and different companies load balance the demands and eliminate the potential of been completely down. Unlike hotels our internet is completely FREE.


Total Play is a leader in the space in the country as soon as they came into Puerto Vallarta we contracted the services to provide us with a internet connection and HD Television. Currently they are offering us 80MB/10MB speeds on fiber connection. They offer a very nice plan where we can increase our internet speeds on-demand up to 500MB directly from our mobile app. They are reliable and hardly ever any issues with this provider.


Izzi was one of the first to provide faster internet speeds than the old predecessor Mega Cable was given us. Currently offering us 80mb plan. They run on Coax so its different than Total Play to help balance out any issues with dropping the connection.

Telmex has gotten a bit better during the past years but I don’t recommend it. During the rainy season it seems every year they have issues. They are cheap prices and its a prefer method for many landlords due the price but the quality is not there for my guests therefore I don’t carry this connection.

WIFI /Ethernet

We have setup a Linksys Mesh routers in the property so that you only worry about having one SSD and connect to the closets to your location as you work from the apartment, pool or terrace.

In addition, there is a router in some of the units (ask up front) where you can also plugin directly via Ethernet. Some of the units also have a ether plug right in the wall so you can plug your laptop directly. In you bring one of your magic phone or vOIP Phones you will be able to plug that in and start making/receiving calls.

Tacos Near By

Along the highway on this side of the neighborhood there are several tacos stands. Some are open in the mornings and others prefer to open at night. Vallarta has a lot of night life so you can find some of these shops open ’til 2-3am. I would recommend you eat where there are more people gathering. Some of these shops go are newer owners and they mike not give you the best offering and service. The shops that have been there the longest have a higher client base and are probably the best options available.

You can find tacos, carnitas, churros, burgers, hotdogs, crepas and more.

Paseo de las Palmas and Highway 200.

A little further away you will find more shops and several of these are open during the day closing around 4pm or so.

This is a prefer stop for locals to find a good meal. Several different options available. Located in a high transited street Paseo de Las Palmas and highway 200 will find shops to get tacos, tortas, burritos, fish tacos, shrimp tacos (our favorite place “Rosas”), fruits and more. This street gets pack on Saturday due the Tianguis taking place.

Groceries Near By Casa Delfin Azul

As in most of Mexico you will find small mom & pops stores near by for your daily needs. In our neighborhood we have several close by places 1 or 2 blocks away to do basic shopping needs to cook a meal.

Dona Maria

This is walking distance from our apartments about 2.5 blocks away. You will find veggies and meats and other items for sell. Most of the locals around the neighborhood will buy from this store. This store is open 7 days a week 7am – 10pm.


Next to Dona Maria you will find a tortilla factory. As a Mexican these are purchase daily for the day’s meal. They are open 7 days a week.


In the same block as the Tortilleria there is also a fish store. This store offers fresh fish, shrimps, and other fish meats. It’s the same pricing as you will find in the big market and same quality. They are open from 8am – 3pm.


About 2 blocks straight down by Rio Griljalva Street you will find a Pharmacy Store. This store is open 24 hours and they have all your basic pharmacy needs as you will find in common USA stores like CVS & Walgreens.

Hours 24 hours 7 days a week.